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                                    MY BOOKS


When It's Time To Say Good-Bye

​"When It's Time To Say Good-Bye," is a beautiful story of life, love, perseverance and the will to survive even when all seems hopeless. It will grace you with the understanding and significance of each and every breath we take. It will hopefully give you the courage to take chances as you will be introduced to the beast we all know as death and you will confidently learn to embrace its threat without fear. You will share in the laughter as well as the tears that cascade our lives each and every day. However, the author's true desire is that once you read her story, you will walk away with a belief. It doesn't matter what or who you believe in - just that you believe in something - anything at all - so that when it comes time for you, yourselves to have to face the task of saying good-bye, that your passage may be graced with contentment and peace as you all enjoy the journey of life - and follow that yellow brick road!

A Whisper in the Wings

​A Whisper in the Wings is the true and inspirational story of spiritualist and author Marti Tote, as she takes you along with her throughout her life's journey to find her destiny and undeniable calling. Written with unreserved and unrefined honesty, Tote shares what it was like to grow up with a gift that very few could understand. Through the trials, tribulations, and doubts of others, as well as the loneliness and seclusion she felt, she shares how she persevered with unwavering faith, trying desperately to survive in a world that didn't understand her. This book is a must-read for both believers as well as non-believers. It will make you question each and every unexplainable experience in your own life.

Can You Ride a Raindrop to the Ocean?

​This is the story I was told never to speak of—and I didn't—until now!

We were a seemingly perfect family. With a mom, a dad, and five beautiful little girls. But behind closed doors it was anything but. He wasn’t our dad, and she wasn’t our mom—or at least, not the mom we had known in the past. For seven years he would reign over our household, leaving a trail of shattered souls, murderous rampages, and a missing child in the wake of his destruction. He was a monster in every sense of the word, and there was no escaping his psychopathic actions. His brutality would maim, shatter, and destroy an entire family. You, as my readers, will walk this unforgettable journey with me as I finally share my forbidden story, and perhaps you can help solve a mystery that has haunted me for more than four decades. This is a self-help book like no other as Tote returns with yet another amazing memoir, while she engages her audience in a way that only she can. In a soothingly conversational tone, she confides in her readers as they become her dearest friends and confidants throughout her shattered childhood and to the triumphant ending no one could have ever seen coming!

      Up Grief Creek Without a Paddle 


Marti Tote has written yet another self help book for all of those who have suffered the loss of a loved one. Whether it be to death, relationships or beyond, a loss is a loss and we all need a little help now and again. This book covers every loss as well as every emotion imaginable, as Tote takes you up grief creek without a paddle, in the only way she knows how, engaging her readers in a soothing conversational tone, that we have all come to know so well. Our lives will shift and they will change but they will never be the same again after a loss but not to worry! Tote will teach you how to maneuver in a seemingly hopeless situation. Grief Creek is full of rocks, sticks and other debris here and there. It gets wide and very deep in some places and narrow and very shallow in others. And we have no clue what is coming around the bend! So come on along and learn how to survive what seems like the unsurvivable! She’s a great guide and promises to bring you back safely! Welcome Aboard!

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